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Do you want to put your face on popular GIFs and mythical animated images? So you just need the Animafy app, a photo editor for Android devices that turns our portraits into animated videos or funny cartoons.

It has two main functions: GIF and fun. In the “fun” tab, you can transform a selfie into a drawing or a caricature . Also in an emoticon style illustration, but this option requires a subscription to the service.

Turn your selfie into a live photo with facial expressions and emotions.

On the other hand, from the GIF section, we have the possibility of transforming our selfies and portraits into animations that sing . You just need to choose a photo and one of the songs from the gallery.

In general, the results that this application offers us can be improved, but the animations are realistic and fluid . It’s not the best tool for bringing our photos to life, but we can try it for free to have a good time with the sung version of our selfies.

Here’s what can do with Animafy:

  • Avatarify Your Selfie
  • Create a Celebrity Look Alike Video
  • Animate and Deep Fake Your Photo
  • Make an Animated Cartoon Character
  • Face-morph a Picture
  • Do Funny Faces With Your Pet

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